30_Years of CTHS History

The business of the Society has been managed by only 4 Presidents: Harry Zimmermann 1974- 1986; David Ward, 1986; Desmond Leeper DVM from 1987 to 1998, & last, certainly not least & the 1st woman Judy Kirkby since 1999.

An  amazing number of people have acted as Director for the CTHS.  Notable for length of service are:  Philipp Andres, 1990-1994;  Craig Dill 1994-2000, Marlene Leepr, 1991-2000; Margaret Lima 1994-2001; Erwin Stege, 1990-1996;  Gerhard Walter 1997 -2004.

Provincial representatives were called Regional Directors  until 1995; after that they were (more accurately) called Provincial Representatives: Most notable of these were Horst Kempter (deceased) 1991-2001, Quebec;  Judy Kirkby 1989- to the present, Saskatchewan;  Margaret Lima 1989-1999, Manitoba; Betty Vehrs 1991-2002, Alaska. . .

We have had only 4 people acting as Secretary &  Registrar  & since 1989 in the combined office.
This has been Shelley May 1987,88; Karen Shaw 1986; Harry Zimmermann, 1974-1986 & Ingrid von Hausen, 1988 to the present.

4 persons have acted as treasurer: Dr. Martin Scheurlen 1974-1992; Alex vonHausen 1993-1996; Marcia Husson 1997-2000; Luarel Glanfield, 2002 to  the present. ln 1986- 1992 &

From all these people  noted above  we need to highlight individuals who have acted in several capacities: Herbert Boettcher, vice-president since 1987; as  chairman of the branding committee since 1986 has traveled to Alasksa, BC., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitboa, Ontario, Quebec & Nova Scotia.; Judy Kirby Director since 1987, Pres. since 1999, Provinical Rep. since 1989, on the Inspection team , to BC, Alberta, Sask. Manitboa, Ontario, Quebec.; Desmond Leeper,  Director 1991-2000, President  1987-1998; Inspector on several inspection tours, to NS, Manitboa, Ontario, Quebec; Dr. Martin Scheurlen, Director & Treasurer  1974- 1992, sometime member of the Inspection team; Alex von Hausen, Director 1990-1993;  Inspector, photographer, editor,    travelled to Alaska, BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario &  Quebec; web-master& computer troublshooter   1994 to the present; treasurer 1993-1996.  Last & by no means least Harry Zimmemann, founding Director, President  1974-1986; Director  until 1990,  Registrar  to 1988, Inspector 1974-1992.

Begun modestly in 1989 the CTHS has offered various awards to CTHS registered horses & their breeders/owners. We award halters, Stock pins, saddle pads & plaques.
The CLRC started life in the 20s as a government department.  As privatization advanced in Canada it became a Non-profit Crown Corporation directed by  elected  Directors from the   various animal breed societies who  use the CLRC for their registrations.  The CTHS is one of these.  In 1996 the CLRC lost $50,000,  the  the last of its governement  funding. Since that time it operates as a non-profit corporation with all its revenues coming from  the member associations. Pressently there are at  57 animal societies  members of the CLRC representing goats, horses, pigs , cattle etc.