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phone/fax: 519-662-3209


The CTHS likes to keep track of performance records.  We also like to recognize outstanding performance each  year by making the following awards:

All Canada:

CTHS Annual Awards

-  Driving Award

- Hanna Schmocker Memorial Breeder's Award

-  President's Award

- Young Competitor's Award*


Ontario Breeder's Award

Manitoba only:

- Elke Otremba Memorial Award(Dressage)

Alberta only:

- Hans Wulf Memorial Award (Dressage)

B.C. only:

- Eleonora Hydar Memorial Award*


-  CTHS registered or CTHS Appendix registered horses
-  owner is a CTHS member (most but not all awards)

-  send show results or copy of Passport  to CTHS office at end of show season
-   be sure to include your name &  name, registration & passport # of horse

CTHS also sponsers halters or coolers at selected shows for the Hi-point  CTHS registered Trakehner.

* award consists of plaque & cheque


Here we list all the CTHS registered horses who have competed in  2002, 2003, 2004 ,  2005, 2006,  2007, 2008.  They zre listed  alphabetically by:  registered name, registerration #, colour, year of birth, sex, (sire/dam.dam's sire) breeder,  owner rider, (province/state) discipline& level;  year(s)  comperted,   highlights of their performance, CTHS   awards.
 (We apprecaite hearing of  errors or omissions  so that we can update our records.)

ABITIBI DAWN -Apx=551- (Supernova) 98 dark bay mare (Holme Park Vin cnent/April's Job  xx) Br: D. Sundera hunter/jumper

2005:  River Valley, Spruce Meadows,  True North,
2006:Jump with Hope.  Parampount, River Valley, Spruce Meaddows
2007: Caledonoa Classic, Edmonton Northllands,  Spruce Meadows

ALMAZ -802- chestnut 1999 approved mare (*Magic Domino ox/Annaconda by Condus)     Br/O/R: Elaine Turcotte (Ontario) halter, dressage 2nd level,  Trillium, Arabian circuit
2004: 7 1sts, 5 2nds, 3 3rds, scores 55.52%-70.77%
    CTHS annual award
2005: winner of 18 dressage classes, training & 1st level
    4x champion in Arabian championships
    in top10 Canadian & US National championships
    champion & reserve Ont. Trillium championship training, 1st level dressage
2006: several championships in Arabian shopws. legion of hounr
    average 68,8 % training & 1st level dressage, open competion   
    CTHS annual award

ANDARD RAMISSA -578- 1994 chestnut mare(Carino/Silent Rose xx) Br/O:R:     Andree Chagnon(QC) dressage, 3rd level;  Kur;  Medium 1, 2

2002: Reserve med. ch Dressage Printanier de Blanville, 18, 19 May
    Dressage St-Etienne 29,30 June;  St-Et. Championat 10, 11 August
    Med. ch. Dressage International Blainville, Coups des Ameriques, 18-21 July
    Medium 1 & 2 champion, Provincial circuit & FEQ

2003: Trois Rivieres, St-Etienne, Blainville, Bell Epoque, Quebec championships.
    5x 3rd level champion; best result,3rd level, amateur; Provincial  Champion.
     CTHS annual award 2002, 2003

ANITA -140- 1984  brown mare (Polifax/Amlie by Solist) Br: H. Boettcehr; O/R:     Judy Kirkby/Erin Beatty (Sask) dressage

2002:2 2nds; 3 3rds; 4 4ths;  6 5ths
    Basic 1 & 2 AA champion Saskatchewan Provincial Championship

ANNEMONE -763-  1998 chestnut mare (Hildebrand/Attika by Hannibal) Br: H.     Boettcher.

2005 Hanna Schmoker memorial Award

ANNETT -356-   1986 black mare(Gero/Annuschka by Solitaer)Br: H. Boettcher; O/R: Gail Lamb, dressage                   

2002: LDA,Trillium Basic 4
2003: LDA, TRAA2nd, 7th

ANSON 868-  2001 chestnut colt (Carino/Annemarie by Pikoer) Br: Heather Warner     (Ont) Line

2002: 4 1sts, 4 2nds; CSHA Grand co- champion, overall high point co-champion
2003: 2yr olkd champion colt/gelding
2004: 2001 colt/gelding, 2nd Royal winter Fair

ANTON 43 -880-, bay 1982 gelding(Arrak/Ambrosia II by Siegbert) Br: Erdmute von Zitzewitz;     O/R: Brittany Reid, Saksatchewan/Alberta; hunter, dressage , level 1,2,3

2002: Pony club, Prairie Zone, Dressage  Basic 3A,B,C: Champion & Reserve Champion
Sask. Prov. Dressage Championships: Champion, Basic II jr; Basic III jr, Provincial Champion
Hunter shows: 5 Champion, 2 Reserve champion
CTHS annual award

2003: 2x champion, 2x reserve; Jr Eq. Canada 1st
          CTHS Young Competior's Award
2004: FEI Advanced overall Champion Sask Prov. Championships;
          FEI Childrens dressage champion, Alberta Prov. championships
     CTHS annual award

BLUE RODEO Apx-732- bay horse (Schwalbenherbst/Bonita 3rd by Toronto) Br: Debbie Adolphson O/R: Andrea Galbraith (US) dressage, novice level

CALIPH -737- bay 1997 gelding(Larazzi/Ciekew by Adler)Br: Gina Crandell. Hunter/Jumper, "A" rated shows in Oregon
2002: Reserve champion, Baby green hunter;  1st,  2nd, 2 3rds, 3 4th
2006: 63.4% Prix St Georges

CANADIAN RASPUTIN-APX- (Presss to Play) grey 1988 gelding (Hildebrand/Canadian     Results qh) Br: Cindy Kelly-Jantzi; Angie Divo (Ont) Trillium  hunter-jimper; Adult     Amateur

2004: 3 6ths

CARMABA -628- Schwalbenherbst/Cassette by Mazur; Br: Annette Spnagel.; dressage 
     73.3% level   
CASSANOVA  Apx-216- gray 1992  gelding by Lotse out of Cassa Cho Cho (ApHa) BR/O/R:     Kathy Lifton BC.  Dressage, prix St Georges, Intermediaire,   

2002: 9 1sts; 2 2nd, 1 3rd
    CTHS annual award

CELESTIAL EMBER-APX- 356-   1996 chestnut mare (Wermiszel/Colorable xx) Br: S. Taylor O/R: Sarah Smithdorf(Alberta); Olivia Stanley (BC) dressage 3rd level, FEI junior; youth     dressage, hunter

2004:1, 2, 3,  Jr high-point reserve champion; 50.51-66.41%
    CTHS Young Competitor's award

2005:    Champion, BCDressage championships;   jr;
    Champion, International Horse Show at Thunderbird
    Res. ch. regionals, rising star, autumn country classic
    CTHS performance award
COLOGNE -745- 1998 chestnut mare (Bonn/Classy Brassy xx) Br: Heinrich Meister O/R:     Myrna Moran (BC) dressage,  training 3rd level

high score, 65.8%

CORDON DE ORO -742- 1998 brown gelding (Schwalbenherbst/Cassette by Mazur) Br:     Annette Sponagel;  O/R: Coleen McKellar(Manitoba) hunter

2002: Brandon summer Show, June 1-2: 2nd hunter under saddle; 5th over fences (35 horses)

2003: 2 schooling shows, 2 1st, 1 4th, 1 5th
          Wheat City Classic, 1 2nd, 2 4th, 2 5th
          Prov. Exhibition of Manitoba, A/A Hunter Stake, 4th

2004: Brandon summer Fair, 1st novice hunter; 3 3rds
    Orion Beach party, Winnipeg, baby green champion (34 competing)
    Wheat City Classic, high point senior horse
    Man. Hunter/Jumper Beach party, Winnipeg; Reserve champion; 1st (out of 35) Senior         low hunter

2005: 1 1st, 2 3rds, 2 4th
2006: 7 1st, 2 2nd, 2 3rd,3 4th, hunter
2007: 4th  2' 9" Brandon Winter Fair
    3rd ar  low hunter  stake
    3rd AA
DELPHINA - 827- 2000 bay mare  (Isidor/Danica xx) Br: Danette Ball (Line)

 2002: 1st Canadaina Sport Horse BC Div.

DUKE OF HAZARD 1990 buckson gelding (Task/Cinderella qh) Br: G. Walter

2008: 2nd  pre-entry MREC Maple Rifge, June

EBEN  Apx-307- black gelding, shown  as Manifesto (Carino/Miss Dandy Sugar qh)

2007: A Circuit, Ch Adult 36 +.Br: J. Genes; O/ R: Lucie Picard
2008: champion  Beaulieu Summer Classic 36+ Hunter
    Reserve Ch. Pepiniere Horse Show

ELYTRON -Apx-125- 1990 grey gelding(Fagir ox/ Echo  by Gero)Br: C/P Dill, O: Janice     Williams, dressage (Ontario) training 2nd level

2003: LDA, TRAA 2nd, 12th

FASZINATION HR Apx-621- black 04 gelding (Herder/Floraleah by Gaillard) Br: C.          Uhrynchuk O/R: Jacki Windsor
2008: 2nd training SIDA Spring Dressage 24 May   

FEUERMEISTER - (Feuertanzer/Fanciful Slippers zz)Br: B. Kouwengberg O/R: Tamsin             Kouwenberg (dressage, line)

2008: res. jr ch. Fieldstone
    sr open ch. Fieldstone1st,  5 th, 2nd, Royal cup Qualifiestrs. 5th Royal Winter Fair

FINEST DIAMOND  -1020- 95grey approved mare (Draegon/Fine  Time to Leave xx)Br: Jill Stepheneosn R: J. Stephenson, Albertal  training level

 2005:  3rd

FOXWIND SL-908- gray  approved CTHS stallion (Palmenwind/Fogara Jana by Adrian)
    Cindy Geres (Ont) line, hunter   

2006: 2nd free jumping; 7th jumper
2007:     Pink Ribbon Ride for Breast Cancer, Sept, 1st Training level, 64.64%, 1st 63.05%
    CTHS annual award
2008:  3rd Heasdwater Horse Trials, Orton Jull.y 5-6
    6th Caledon HT
    4th dressage only Belvoir HT   
    3rd Equus 3D HT

GETUSCHEL LEGACY -1146- 00 approved chestnut mare (Herder/Grand Sonata by Gaillard) Br:. C. Uhrynchuk O/R: Ruth Moore (dressage, hunter)

2008: 68.69 % , Training, Dressage Discovery day BC, June 22
    83.48% 64,29%  WORC July 4
    4 2nds hack, 1st, 2nd Hunter WORC August 9

GLORIA II  -809-  grey approved  1999 mare (Hildebrand/Gretel by Hannibal) Br: herbert     Boettcher R/D: Lisa Wright (Ont) hunter, dressage, driving, eventing

2004: Low adult champion; 2nd out of  55; placed in every class  entered
    CTHS annual award
     Driving award (tie)
    Hanna Schmocker memorial award
2005: 3rd PT 80 open, Caledon; 1st, novice Tri-Count CA
2007:OCDA Driving Trial, Aug 23; 2nd preliminiary

GOLD NIXON SR -965- 02 sorrel gelding (Donnerval Rosewood/Gold Note xx) Br:T.              LaValley R: Calla Martin

2007: Bezanson, Alberta Horse show, July; 5th 3' open jumper, 3rd  2'6"; 1t matched pairs, 4th         open jumper

GREAT ESCAPE  APX-506- bay 1999 gelding(Lauterbach/ Grace Stone by Sandsturm han)      Pauline Normand-St. Onge, Laurie McKenzie (Ont) hunter AA

2005: Caledon,Cornerstone. Niagara,
2006: 1 1st, 2 2nd, 4 3rd,1 4th,3 5th,   hunter 3'3'
2007:  HU
2008: Caledon, , Cornerstone. Halton, Niagara,  Palgrave, Tournament of champions

GUY LAROCHE brown stallion (EH Michelangelo//Galante V  *E* by Lucado) Br: Gestuet Heinen;O: Connie Kempter R: Heidi Lightlie ; 1st  2nd  level  63%

HADRIAN'S GITTANO  -1082-  06 colt (Hadrian/Hailey by Hildebrand) Br Danette Ball

2007: 21st Canadian Sport Horse Breeders Classic; 5 2nds, Res ch. fior 2 yr olds

HAGESTOLZ -724-show name DUBLIN,  1997  bay gelding(Dalnomer/Hicklory Pretty by     Polarmond) Br; Klaus Bock, O/R: A Baxter(BC) dressage, level 1/2

2003: 1 1st; reserve champion Basic 1,2

HALLELUJAH -426- brown approved 1992 mare (Hannibal/Heideperle by Rubin) br: Herbert     Boettcher O/R: Joane Fagervik (Ont) Dressage Trillium AA 1st level

2004:  1st; 62.60-68.86 %
2005: 1 1st, 1 2nd
2006: 2nd level dressage 60.8%
2008:  3rd, 2nd LDA AA

HEIR TO THE THRONE -460-  1992 chestnut gelding (Falko/Hela by Matador) Br: pat     Metcalfe O: J. Price R: Susan Rosner(Manitoba) Dressage AA , Open Training,  1st level

2003: 3 1st 59.17-63.46%;  2 2nd 60.83-62.08%; 2  3rd 58.33-61.15%; 2  High Score,  res
2004: 2 1st 57-69-63.04%; 3 2nd 59.61-63.46%; 1 3rd 61.11
2006: training, 1st level scores to 66.29%

HERO'S KRUSADE -Apx-573- gray 1999 horse (Krusader/Hasty Mort xx) Br: Dana Young,
    Hunter,  Eventing (Manitoba)

2003: Hi-point champion; 2 1sts, 2 2nds; 1 3rd
2004: 1st. 2nd training level

HESTIA  -913- 02 approved grey mare (Herzzauber/Hallelujah by Hannibal) Br: Joane Fagervik         R: Cchandy Johnson. dressage

2008: 3rd LDA

HEXENMEISTER -715-   show name SUDDEN IMPULSE, bay 1997 gelding(Regent Link/Heide Hexe by Gero)Br: Herbert Boettcher O/R: Yvonne van Hoof(Ont) hunter

HICKORY BABS -553- 89 bay gelding (Donaufuerst/ Hickory Pretty by Polarmond) Br: Bernie Gerber O/R  Olivia Robonson

2007:  res. ch. ProShow Bridgewater NS,    

HIGHLIGHT -860- brown 00 mare (Dalnomer/Hickory Heidi by Koree) Br: Klaus Bock (BC)     Show  Hack   

2004:  2nd, 2 3rds

HOFMARSHAL Apx-490-  bay 00 gelding (Protagonist/Hickory Hieke by Lotse) Br: Klaus     Bock (BC) O: B. Macey R; Liz Macey ; dressage training ; hunter; children's      hunter       

2004:  2nd, 5th
2008:  2nd BCHJA
    numerous placings  at Thunderbird, Southalands, Maple Ridge Equisport, Kelowna Rding     Club & Milner Downs

HOLLISTER -652- 1995 bay approved stallion (Dalnomer/Haute Couture by sigurd) Br: Aurora     Trak. Farm  R: Greg Wilson(BC)

HONOUR ROLL Apx-387- bay 97 gelding (Protagonist/Harmoonie by Dalnomer) Klaus Bock;     Alex Goldman (BC) schooling, open hunter

2005: 4x 1st, 3 4ths; 2 1st, 1 2nd, 1 3rd, 2 4th
    Eleonora Hydar memorial Award
2006: Novice jr-sr/2'9" hunter reserve champion
           Young Competitor's Award, CTHS

HUNO -1119- 01 bay approved stallion (Magritte/High Class by  Ravel) Br: Bois d'Elan O/R? Lyne joly  (QC) dressage

2008: 2 2nds CDI Blainville Jujne 24-28 4th lebvel   
    Prix St Georges Ferian de la Belle Epoque juy 13-13, 66.85%
HY TEC -317- gray 1990 stallion (Dobosz/Helsinki by Matador) Br: Karen Jarvie, R:     Crystal Kroetsch; Dressage, Grand Prix, Prix St Georges(Alberta)

2002: 3 1sts       

HYLAND -604-  1995 black gelding (Karat/Heidrun by Hannibal) Br: P/C Dill;     O/R: L. Tigani(Ont) LDA dressage; PR AA 1st level

2002: LDA, PR AAB1 1st; Pr AAB2 1st
2003: LDA, PRAA1st, 4th
2004: 1st  54.57-64.12%

ILISH -493- 1993 black mare(Krusader/Island Song xx)Br: N. Schmidt R: Dana     Young; dressage, hunter, schooling (Manitoba)

2002: Basic 3 open champion; AA reserve champion,  Captain deKenyeres Dressage Show,  Birds Hill Park, June 15, 2002
Senior Reserve Champion, Pony club Benefit Show, Birds Hill Park, Aug 16-18, 2002

ILLUSIONS  Apx-450- 1995 brown mare (Martini/ Industria by Doric Order xx) Br:     Rick Field R: Sheila Hathaway (MI)  dressage:  training, 1st level

2002: 6 1sts;  3 2nds; 2 3rds; Reserve Champion

JADE'S ALEUF  APX- 435- 1998 red dun gelding (Avanti Boy/Nemo's Windsor Jade     by Nemo) Br: M.J. Poole O/R: Cecily Hackett (California) eventing


JADE'S AWHERO  -Apx-451- sorrel 99 mare (Avanti Boy/Nemo's Windsor Jade by     Nemo) MJ Stuart (Alberta) dressage, training level   
2005: 1 3rd
2006: 1st level 64.1 %

JEREMIAH -324- (aka Marquis) bay 90 gelding (Hannibal/Jamilah by Abdullah)     Ben Marrisink; Mary Ann Jones (Ontario) dressage, open , 3rd level

2005: 2 1st
2008: 2nd LDA
KADILLAC MAN -770- gray  1998 gelding(Krusader/Kaumajet by Mazur) Br;     Kathleen sulz O: Madonna Hood, R: Jacqueline Taljaard (Ohio) Dressage

2003: USDF Intro Test A, 67.5%

KALADAR(KING)-347- gray 1991 gelding(Fagir ox/Kombina) Br: Ann Andres     O/R:Lee Cross(US)  2nd , 3rd level, jr/yr dressage

2002: 3 1sts, 2nd level; 1 3rd, 2nd/3rd level; 3 4ths both levels
High Point Jr Green Mountain Horsemans Assoc. Dressage Show
Qualified for Regional Championship USDF Reg. 8, jr/yr
Young Competitor's award

2003: NEDA spring dressage,  1 3rd, 1 4th
NEDA Fall Festival: 1st;  FEI jr team test 2nd; FEI jr individual test 1st; USDF bronze medal

2004: New England DA, 3rds  3rd level open
    U. of New  Hampshire 3rd, level 3 open, 4th, 4th level open, 60.6-                 62.6%

KAMAY -485- chestnut 1993 mare (Bonn/Kameo by Falko) Br: Julie Feilberg O/R: Brittany Leader(New Yor) hunter

KEEGAN -825- brown stallion (Hannibal/Kihafa by Solling) Br: Sheila Mowat; Ri: Tara Clemans O: Dan & Heather Meggison

2006: 1st level 64.8%

KONA - Apx-229- 1993 brown mare(Dobosz/Kyna by Kolberg) Br/O/R: Cheryl Arelis     (Alberta) jr basic 3B;   Basic 2C  AA;  3B.C, AA

2003: Hans Wulf memorial Award

KRUSADER -225-  gray1989 appproved stallion (Pasewalk/Kijafa by Solling) Br:     Gail Howell O/R: Robin Cruickshank (Quebec)dressage leve 2,3   

2004: 2nd

LALANI FAEDRA  -Apx-419-  shown as SOMETHING FANCY,  1998 bay      mare(Heidelberg QV/Lalani Fantazia,ox) Br: Erla Nicholls, O: Kathleen Sulz R:     Dana Young (MB) Dressage Basic 1B, 2A; Hunter

2002: 5 1sts, 7 3rds, 3 4ths, 2 5ths,  open basic Champion;  AA basic Reserve champion
Elke Otremba Memorial Award

LANDFUERST  -514- bay 1991 gelding (Donaufuerst/Lottcha  by Koree) Br: H/A     Schmocker O/R: Katrina Merkies; Prix St George, Ontario   

2002: High point CTHS registered horse at the Ontario Dressage Championships
LAPIS LAZULI  -498- (aka Drops of Jupiter)  grey 93 mare (Tai-Pan/Lucky in Blue xx) Br:  L.     Pilon (Quebec) --;  R: Danielle Duncan   hunter
2005:    1 1st, feq medal 2nd; 1 5th, 1 6th
    Young Competitor's award

LAST OMEN -569- grey 94 horse (Nemo/Lincoln Park Inn xx) P. Benoit; Samantha wheeler     (Alberta) hunter/jumper, jr amateur, open

2006: 3 1st, 2 2nd, 1 3rd, hunter jumper

LEGATTO-729- bay 97 gelding (Tai-Pan/Kivia by Hannibal) Br: Carol Paterson ( Ontario)     Johnson; dressage: Training 1st level

LEROI -859- 2000  chestnut stallion by Hadrian out of Loretta by Gero, Br: Gina     Crandell(BC)

2003:  winner of Lieutenant Governors Cup, BC

LIEBREIZ -656- gray 1996 stallion(Krusader/Leisure Lass xx) Br: Charmaine      Bergman, R: Carole Roche; dressage,  Hunter (Saskatchewan)

2003: Grand Centre, Alberta, 2 1sts; 1 2nd; 3 3rds; 5 4ths; 4 5ths; 13-21 entries

LINDBURG Apx-497- bay 1994 gelding (Samariter/Libelle by Letzter Wind) Br:     Rowena Trak. Farm O: Michele Albert  & M. Robert Constantin. R. Jacques     LaMontagne. Dressage:  Prix St Georges; intermediaireerve
2002: 4 1st, 5 2nds
Reserve  Provincial champion, Medium 4
Provincial Champion Medium 4, Kur
CTHS annual award

2003: Centre Equestre A rois Crins; Ecuries St-Etienne; Ferme Fantazia.
8 1sts, 1 2nd; Level 4 champion,  Free style Provincial Championship(Quebec)

LOHENGRIN-500-  1993 chestnut gelding(Hannibal/Lizette  by  Koree) Br. C.     Paterson O/R: L. Snobelen;S. Aarsson;(Ontario) dressage , prelim. training

2002: LDA Trillium,B1 1st; B2 2nd
2003: LDA, TRJR1st, 2nd
2005: LDA 1 1st, 2 2nd, 1 6th

LUSTIG -556-  1993 bay gelding (Donaufuerst/Lindalore xx) Br: Arlene Stangelmeier     O/R: Rebecca Steer; dressage medium 2, freestyle

2002: 2 1sts, 2 2nds, Medium 2 Freestyle champion
CTHS annual award

MARQUIS  see Jeremiah

MULAN Apx-410- 1998 bay mare (Regent Link out of Northern Belle): Br: J.     Greonestege R: June Turner, dressage,  PrOB1,2

2002: LDA , 2 1sts
2003: LDA, PR01st, 1st

MYDALION -775-  97 drk bay gelding (Donaufuerst/Mandy's Athena by Rubin) Br. Brenda Hammon, O: J. MacLean. R. Sandra Mac Neil

2007: Alberta Dressage Championsships, Sept 13-14; Res Ch Open lst level;
    Western Regional Dressage Championships, Sept 15-16, Res Ch 1st level

NASKRA'S LEGACY APX-496- bay 2000 colt(Prince of Prussia/Naskra's Baby xx)      Br: Vivian Chagnon(Quebec)

2002: Royal, CSHA, 2nd 2000 colt/gelding

OLYMPIC TOUCH -1001- dark brown approved stallion (Hockey/Ogennja  by  Egoist) Br:     Pokey Holdings O: Troika (Ontario) R: Nick Ultman; dressage lst level

2005:    AA champion, Ottawa Fall Classic, August 05
2006: 1st level 71.5%

PACIFIC -996-  03 black stallion (Dalnomer/Pleasure by EnricoCaruso) Br: Klaus Bock O: Terese  Malkoske R: Isauro Flores  dressge

2008: scores in 60 + % Canada Cup Dressage Festival

PASSE-PARTOUT --976- chestnut 90 approved  mare (Turmalin/Perdita I by Tai-Pan)B: Joe     Schwartz O/R Paul & Kate Teeple (Ontario) Dressage, Training level, Trillium circuit,         National
2005:    4 1st, 1 2nd, 2 1st
    CTHS annual award
2006: 1st level 66.4%; reserve champion
    CTHS annual award

PERCALE-804- 1995 gray mare (Kronjuwel II/Palmengruen by        ) Br: Les Ecuries     Bois D'Elan O: Evelyn Orel(Quebec) Basic 2A, 2B, 3C,3B, dressage, schooling

2002: Blainville Dressage Printanier, May : 1st,2nd, 3rd, 4th
L'Eperon D'Or Schooling, July: 1st; 2nd
Kirton's Schooling, July: 1st; 2nd

PHANTOM-642-  black  1995 gelding (Dalnomer/Pleasure  by  Enrico Caruso)Br;     Klaus Bock. R: Natasha Candelora & Greg Wilson. Dressage, Basic 1, 2, 3 .
    English Pleasure, Road hack

2002: Terrace Timberland Summer  Show; 2 1sts, 3 2nds
Kitmat Summer Show: 1 1st, 2 2nds, 1 3rd;
Bulkley Valley Exhibition, Smithers: 2 reserve champion; 2nd (out of 20 riders)
Terrace Fall show: 5 1sts, 1 2nd, 1 5th (18-20 riders) 61.11 % to 72.11%
Eleonora Hydar memorial award

PLATINUM VOM RAPPENHOF  -863- black  98 approved   stallion      (Carino/Palma Nigra by Habicht) Br: Connie Kempter R: Claude Diatte;  Akain Kiefer; Julie Pepin (Quebec) Eventing,  training level ; hunter; dressage

2002: Harmony Horse Trials, Ste Justine de Newton, Sr start4er 8th
    Tandalee Farm Horse Trials, West Bolton, Sr Starter 4th
    Quebec Open Prov. Event Ch., Napierville, Pre-training 7th (27 starters)
    CTHS annual award

2003: AERSO: 1st, 2nd
2005: 9 1st, 7 2nd, 5 3rd, 3 4th, 2 5th, 1 6th
    5 Champion; 2 reserve
    CTHS annual award
2006: 4 championships; 1 reserve; ranked 3rd in Quebec combined     working hunter
    CTHS annual award
2008: res ch , lst level ; silver medal  AERSO
     res ch 1st level Beaulieu,
    1st, 2 2nds, 3rd lst level. 69.444%, Quebec Eq. Games, Sept 11-14

PRINZ HABICHT-586- black  1992 stallion by Cariono/Palma Nigra by Habicht.     Br; Connie Kempter O/R: Lori Brown(Ont) dressage: Medium 2

PRIVATE COLLECTION -431- grey 1992 gelding (Dobosz/Preussenfawn by Kolberg ) Br:     Karen Jarvie (Alberta)--;  Janetta  McKenzie; dressage, FEI children's

2006: FEI jr. 56.9%

PROTAGONIST-520- brown 1993 horse (Elfenscharm/Pleasure  by Enrico Caruso)     Br: Klaus Bock R: Christy (Peterson) Morrisey(BC) dressage, 1st, 2nd  level

 2003:  2 1st; 1  2nd; 5  3rd; 3 4th. 62.61-71.71%
2004: 5 1sts, 1 2nd, 1 3rd, 4 4th,  champion, Reserve champion;  62.70-69.61%

PYRHA-694- bay 1997 mare (Graditz/Pilau by Pasteur xx) Br: Shawnda Nadeau R:     Annie Lacasse, Nathalie Vidricaire, Hunter (Quebec)

2003: St-Lazare, Pepiniere,45-176 points

RR GAR-SUN ox  90 CTHS approved stallion (Shergar ox/Garaona ox) Br: B.     Englelhart O: Rae Roulston

2006: regional (MB< Sask, AB & BC) Arabian shporthorse stallion
    Top regional sporthorse perfromance stallion
    4 top tens;  Arabian Slporthorse Nationals , Boise Idaho,

RENAISANCE C & C-APX- 487- chestnut 00 mare (Carino/Raphika by Nemo) Br:     Carleton Co O/R: A. Linde (Washington) hunter breeding

2003: Reserve champion

SAGA -571- bay 1994 gelding(Bernstein/ Spanish Sierra by Falko) Br:     Gerald     Bomersine O: Deborah Achen Tr/R: Jen Winkler (Alberta) Dressage Basic 2C,     3B,C

2002: Alberta Provincial Dressage Championships, Olds, 5th Open Basic 2;
 Hans Wulf Memorial Award

SAINT GEORGE  -771- brown 97 gelding (Bonn/ Sass 'n' Lass xx)Br: Gordon Grills;     R: Andrea Barber )BC)  child's hunter

2007: Thunderbird Horse Park,  Langley BC; Res Ch 3'6" Children's Hunter Level 4
2008:  Res Ch CWD  Child Jumper level 4, Thunderbird CSI Aug 20-24
    jr/A milner Downs July 17-20
    1st  Twin Oaks Derby Aug 6-10
SALUTE  -815-  grey 99 gelding (Bonn/Sass 'n' Lass xx) Br/O/R: Gordon Grills     (BC) eventing training    

2004: 44.30-56.70 penalties   
    Eleonore Hydar memorial award (shared)
2006: open preliminary placing 2nd to 9th
2007: Mt Cheam Horse Trials, April 21-22; 3rd Open Training
2008: ch training level 4 thunderbird July   
    Res. ch Thunderbird CSI 2*  Aug 20-24

SAN FRANCISCO-369- 1991 black gelding(BERNSTEIN/Silk Scope xx) Br: Judy     Kirkby O/R: Lana Cowell. Dressage(Saskatchewan)

2002, 2003:  high point CTHS registered horse at the Saskatchewan Provincial Dressage Championships.

SANTIAGO JAN -Apx-488- 1994 chestnut gelding (Carino/Sierra Jana by Marcus)     Br; Jana Jenicek, O/R: Heather Baker Sullivan, dressage Level 1, 2 (Ontario)

2003: Caledon Cadora Trillium, 1 4th; 5th & 6th; 54.9 - 62.9%, 15-23 competiors

SASHA II -772- (AKA GINGER)t mare (Bonn/Sass'n;Lass xx) Br/O/R: Gordon Grills;     eventing (BC) eventing preliminary

2003: Green level, 2 1sts, 1 2nd
2004:  1st
    Eleonore Hydar memorial award(shared)
2005: CTHS annual award
2006: reserve champion rd level dressage

SASSOU -736- gray 1996 mare (Bonn/Sass 'n' Lass xx) Br/O/R: Gorodn Grills;(BC)     eventing  preliminary, training

2003: Training level, 1 3rd, 1 4th, 1 8th; BC Champion Green Level,
2004: 2nd 48.00-75.00 penalties
    Eleonore Hydar memorial award(shared)
2006: 6th eventing; 1st hunter 3'6"
2007: Mt Cheam Horse Trials, April 21-22; 1st Open Training

SCHATZI -Apx-380-  97 chestnut mare (Faro/ Serene Sunday by Bernstein) Br: Charmaine     Bergman, O/R: Felicia Hguarino=Phillips ,  Virginia  dressage

    2008: 3rd training
        2x 1st

SHERIDAN  -923- 02 black gelding (Hyatt/Sochataja by Smertsch xx) Br; Yvonne bBrown O/R: D. Verpaelst


SIGNATURE -787-  1998 grey gelding (Hannibal/Silver Sarita by Bernstein) Br: M.     Young O: J. Smith(Ont) Trillium  hunterjJumper

2002: 2 x Champion; 3x reserve champion, Southwest Trillium Hunter/Jumpr circuit.
2003: Stepping Stone series, "A" Circuit: 5x  champion training; 2x reserve
    CTHS annual award
2004: Reserve champion low hunter
    CTHS annual award
2006: 10 1st, 5 2nd; 2 3rd; 2 4th; champion
    CTHS annual award

SILK ROSE -292- gray 1989 mare (Lotse/Silk Scope xx) Br: Judy Kirkby R: Erin     Beatty/Judy Kirkby(Saskatchewan) dressage

2002: 2 1sts; 2 2nds; 1 3rd; 2 4ths; 1 5th;
     Reserve prov. Champion Basic III, jr AA

SIR CALEB -Apx-86- bay 1990  gelding (Rubin/ Copper Taffy xx) Br: Debbie     Adolphson; O/R: Emma Eckhardt(Alberta) hunter:

2002: Vancouver Island year end awards: Pre Green champion, Reserve low champion, reserve novice champion

SONOMA -887- gray 01 mare (Bonn/Sass 'n' Lass xx) Br/O/R: Gordon Grills (BC)eventing,     preliminary
    1 5th(over 50 kids)

2006: placed 6th  -11th, hunter & eventing

STRIKE ME SILVER Apx-344- (aka  Quinn) Draegon/Stefana xx) Br: C. Huth R: Laura                 Thompson

2006; member of Bronz medal 06 NAYRC team   

SUMMER MAGIC II -Apx-427-  1999 chestnut mare (Hildebrand/Haily) Br: Cindy     Kelly-Jantzi (Ont) hunter/jumper

TAGESLICHT Apx-275- 94 dark bay gelding (Schwalbenherbst/ Tough Position xx) B:     Charmaine Bergman (Saskatchewan) O: A S Gomez (Colorado) eventing;    schooling

TAI-PAN -94- bay approved 93 stallion (Polarmond/Tanja by Flaneur) Br: Harry     Zimmermann O: Joseph Rice (Illinois) hunter /jumper 

2004:  champion & reserve champion low hunter Pre-
    Adult Amateur

TALISMAN -Apx-101- 1990 chestnut gelding (Wermiszel/Lady Rockney xx) Br:     Olds College O/R: Sheri Bresee(Alberta)R: Emily Anderson, dressage  grand  prix, grand prix     special; 3rd level. FEI Junior 

2002: 2 2nds
2003: Alberta Prov. championships: 1st FEI grand prix freestyle, Open FEI grand prix     special; 56.750%, 58.592%
    Hans Wulf memorial award
2004: 1st, 2nd, 47.14-62.30%
    Hans Wulf Memorial award
2005: Hans Wulf memorial award
2006: young rider, 65.00%
2007: Alberta Dressage championships, Sept 13-14; Res Ch. 4th level freestyle; ch     jr/Ad Am 4th level
2008: Res ch FEI jr Alberta
    ch Reed Deer, Sept-11-12
    2x res, ch FETI Western Youth  Ch Red Deer Sept 13-14

TAREENA -927- 01 gray mare (Dalnomer/Takeena by Lotse) Br: Klaus Bock (BC)


TEAMWORK -903-  bay 00 gelding (Dalnomer/Takysie by Lotse) Br: Klaus Bock     (BC) dressage training

2004: 1st, 2nd, 3rd

TOBRUK -512- 93 bay gelding (Elfenscharm/Tunika by Kastilio) Br; Erwin Stege O/R Travis Lavalley; Carlie Ringland

    Bezanson, Alberta Horse Show, July; 3rd 3' open jumper
2008:  2 lst, 7 2nds, 1 3rd, 58.667%- 62.25%  FEI
TOBY -528- brown 93 gelding(Lotse/Tulpenpracht by Elfenscharm) Br: Gerhard     Walter R: R. Odermatt(BC)jumper

TOSKA -635-  bay 95 approved mare (Lotse/Tublinka by Elfenscharm) Br: Erwin     Stege, O/D: Larry & Holly Brinker (BC) driving training

2004: 1st of 11
    Driving award (tied)
2006: 1 10th, 1 6th; 1 2nd preliminary
2007: 2nd, 1st, 4th, Intermediate combined Driving

TRAVIATA -739- bay 1997 mare by Holme Park Vincent out of Tulpenpracht by     Elfenscharm. Br: Gerhard Walter R: Erin Rowsell & Leah Drescher(BC)     Training level, liberty English pleasure novice.

2003: 4 1st; 4 2nds; 3 3rds, 2 4th, 1 5th; 66.25, 65.42%

TROOPER -402-  92 brown gelding (Elfenscharm/Tunika by Kastilio) Br: Erwin Stege; O. SR Sport Horses; R: Arne  Lavalley & Calla Martin

2007: 4th Eng. Eq., 2'6", over fences; 1st 3' open jumper

TULPE II -846- grey 00 approved mare (Hollister/Tulpenpracht by Elfenscharm) Br: E. Stege O/R: Deborah Zimmermann (Ont) dressage

2008: Centaur Silver Show

TULPENPRINZ -532-  1994 chestnut stallion (Schwalbenherbst/Tulpenpracht by      Elfenscharm) Br; Gerhard Walter; R: Erin Rowsell (BC)Liberty, 3rd level;4th     level; Road/show hack; English Pleasure; Basic 4, Medium 1, 2,  hack, jumper

2002:Many 1sts, 2nds,  $ earnings!
    Basic 4 reserve champion;; High point English horse
    Open Liberty all breeds 1st
    CTHS annual award

2003:  Smithers Fall Fair: 3rd level,  2 2nds; 1 3rd ; 4th level 1st. 60.95-67.44%. 5     1sts; 3 2nds.
    Northern Saddle Club: 3rd,4th level, freestyle: 3 1sts, 1 2nd.58.10-65.90%.
2006: High point driving horse, Smithers fair

TYRA - 02 chestnut  approved mare (Hollister/Toscana by Lotse) Br:     Robert Wilson  & Natasha Candelora O: Cassie Leggitt

2008: Hanna Schmocker Memorial award, highest scorie   mare

UNTOLD SECRETS- 938- bay 1998 mare(Hy Octane/ Netonia xx)Br: Painted Trak O/R: Travis     LaValley, endurance (Alberta)

2002: 1st, 25 miles

VENTURE  SR  Apx-562- 03 sorrel gelding (Donverval Rosewood/Victoria Valdez xx)Br/R. Arne Lavalley (Alberta)

2007: Bezanson,  River Valley Horse show July; 3rd Utility, 2nd in matched pairs, 4th open 3' jumper