Preamble to the Constitution of the Canadian Trakehner Horse Society

        To establish, maintain and operate a society of breeders,
        owners and friends for the promotion and preservation in
       Canada of the warmblooded horse of Trakehner origin;

        -to maintain a public registry under the Canadian Livestock
Records Corporation of Trakehner horses;

        -to mark or brand approved  stallions, mares and foals;

        -to disseminate information to breeders, owners, and friends
        pertaining to the breeding and raising of Trakehner horses;

        -to promote the performance of the Trakehner horses in
        dressage, three-day eventing, driving, hunting and jumping;
        and generally do all things appropriate to encourage a
        public understanding of the Trakehner horse, its breeding
        and performance.