All offspring from your stallion are eligible for CTHS registration.
Offspring from CTHS stud Book mares are eligible for full registration & for branding. Offspring  from all other mares are eligible for Appendix registration.
If your Stallion is an Arabian or a Thoroughbred only offspring out of Trakehner mares are eligible for CTHS registration. Foals  out of TB or Arabian mares are NOT  eligible.


-enter the name, # etc of each mare bred
- at the end of the breeding season this form should be signed, the $10.00 fee for each mare bred should be enclosed & all should be sent to the CTHS office.

DNA TYPING: if not already sampled,  this should be done ASAP. Send $50.00 to CTHS office. We will send out the kit.

THE STALLION LICENSE of $50.00 is due Nov 1. each year after the inspection/registration  year. It need not be paid in any year where your stallion does not breed any mares.

CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE. This should be completed by the stallion owner & either given to the mare owner or sent to the CTHS office. It is a good idea to do this when the foal is born.

INSEMINATION/SHIPPED SEMEN REPORT: forms are available from CTHS office.

Stallion owners should encourage mare owners to register their foals. This is easiest in the foal’s first year.

The names of the stallions with this designation are printed on the pedigree in CAPITAL letters.
Performance approved stallions have completed 1 or more of the
following :

 -100 day test in Germany or U.S.or 30 day test
 -completed successfully in dressage at 3 recognized shows at Level 3
 -completed successfully a CEF recognized training level event
 -CEF Hunter show, competed in 3 divisions or 3 shows
 -CEF Jumper show, competed in 3 divisions or 3 shows
 -have met ATA,CSHA or CWHBA performance requirements

Note re Measurements: Measurements are taken at the inspection at age 2.5. All stallions grow after that. In many cases official  adult measurements are not available.


  The Canadian Trakehner Horse Society inspects all breeding stock. Superior Trakehner colts are inspected at age 2 1/2 or older.  Trakehner fillies are inspected at age 3 or older. We use a system  based on that used in Germany. All horses for stud book considera  tion must, of course, meet pedigree requirements. In looking for stallion prospects, the marks at inspection of the DAM should  be considered. Dams with low marks (5’s or 6’s) at inspection are not  likely to produce colts of the quality CTHS is looking for in its breeding stock.
  The horses are measured: height,  heart girth & cannon bone. Mares should be at least 15.1. Colts  should be at least 15.3 at 2 1/2 years, to finish  between 16 & 16.3 hands in height.
  The horses  are stood up & then evaluated at each gait. Marks from 1-10, 10 being highest (& almost impossible to get)  are assigned  for TYPE, 2 marks for EXTERIOR (top & foundation), WALK, TROT, CANTER. The final OVERALL mark  includes value for the breed.
  A mark below 5 in any category means that the horse does not pass inspection & thus does not have breeding approval.  Colts that pass  inspection may be neck branded.


In order to register horses you need to be a full CTHS member ($45.00 fee) or pay the higher registration fee for non-members.


1. Both parents are CTHS stud book approved
2. Dam is CTHS approved, sire is German Verband  or ATA approved


1. One or both parents have documented Trakehner  blood in their pedigree
2. Should be at least 25% Trakehner


1. Take out a CTHS membership
2. Complete Application for Registration
3. Attach:
      -  copy of certificate of the parent  which is not CTHS
      -  make sure ownership  is up-to-date
      -  attach certificate of service or statement signed by the stallion owner or lessee giving the   dates mare was  bred
      -  include a bill of sale for the foal if you are not  the mare owner
      - a copy of the LEASE if mare was leased

Copy (front & back to show your ownership) of Certificate (ATA, CSHA, NATA, etc)
4. Enclose cheque, payable to CTHS, Canadian funds

$30.00 -  in foal’s 1st year, provided that  the stallion is CTHS
registered, approved &  the stallion license has been   paid  in the year the mare was bred
$60.00 - in foal’s second year, provided that the stallion is CTHS registered, approved and the Stallion license has been paid in the year the mare was bred
$100.00 for all others


The CTHS Constitution (see p.11) requires that a foal’s name should begin  with the same  letters  as the DAM’s name.. This is  in the Trakehner tradition as begun when the breed was first established in the 18th century. Names can be up to 20 characters long. (This includes spaces & punctuation.)

It is very important to give the horse a name that will see him through all stages of life. A name that may be cute for a foal may sound pretty silly in the show ring.  Names can be changed  but have a way of persisting  even after  being changed.

At the time of registration our data is checked to make sure the name has not already been used. If it has,  “2nd”  or “3rd”  is added to the name. In the case of registered horses coming from another country or another registry we have to stick with the name as presented.

Some breeders add identifying initials to the name. This is a good way of avoiding “2nd” or “3rd” etc & of disinguishing horses with similar  names.

Once a horse has had offspring a name change is not allowed.


ELIGIBILITY: -   offspring of Stud Book parents
     -  mature horses that meet pedigree requirements
   -  colts may be neck branded when approved for breeding
WHEN:  -  if at all possible before weaning

(Note: foals of insufficient quality may be refused branding)
PROCEDURE: -  notify CTHS office

  -  have a propane bottle ready (the kind used for barbecues)

Branding is very quick and almost painless.  The horse needs to be restrained only for a few seconds.  The brand should be left totally alone. DO NOT apply salves, etc.



Much of this can/should be completed well in advance to save time & confusion at the inspection site.
Animals to be inspected must be registered.

CTHS registered horses:

The  ORIGINAL PINK CERTIFICATE  must be submitted to the Registrar either in advance or at the time of inspection.The marks & inspector’s signatures will be entered &  the certifcate will be returned to you.

Transfer horses:

 The CTHS Registrar will need a copy of the Original  certificate( front & back to show ownership.) of Transfer (Arab, Thoroughbred, Arab-Trakehner or Thoroughbred-Trakehner) horses. Horses that have Trakehner breeding but are registered  ATA, NATA or Sport Horse will, if they pass inspection,  be registered CTHS.
If the Transfer horse has a CTHS Appendix certificate and it passes the
inspection this certifcate will be replaced by a CLRC certificate & the PINK CTHS Certificate of Breeding.


Colts under age 2 may be pre-evaluated at the owner’s request. You must be a full CTHS member in good standing or pay the higher non-member fee.
Stallions must be presented for inspection in an indoor arena.
Advance payment $200.00 (non-refundable) must be  received by the CTHS office.
If the stallion passes inspection there is an  aditional fee of $100.00.

Central Inspections:

Present all papers & payment before the inspection begins.

DNA  typing:

If your horse passes inspection & is not already DNA typed, you will be given the kit and be charged the $50.00 for this.


Braiding & bridling are not required.  However, the horse should handle well: ie. stand quietly to be measured: height, heart girth, cannon bone. It should also tolerate being shown in hand and being stood up in front of the judges.

The inspectors prefer to see horses unshod, but they should be properly trimmed (as this can affect their movement as well as their appearance).  Groom  your horse and have mane & tail trimmed if desired at a flattering length.

Mares with foals:
If at all possible have a handler for the foal; both mare & foal should be comfortable with separation.  The inspectors can get a much better look at the mare if her foal is out of the way. They may, however, want to see the foal’s movement as well.
It is really important to show your animal on good level footing. An indoor arena is best. The area should be large enough so that the horse can move out in a straight line.  It should be safe ; ie. no obstacles, no ice, deep mud etc. As the $50.00 fee will be charged per site visited, it may be worth your while to team up with someone near you who has good facilities. Other horses, barking dogs, yelling children  are undesirable distractions to the horse & to the inspectors.

Handler: Get in shape. Running with a well-moving horse can leave you breathless. Practise this ahead of time. Place yourself on the side of the horse away from the inspectors. They are going to judge the horse not you.The horse will be shown in hand at the walk and at the trot. The canter is always done at liberty. The horse will then be caught and stood up for the inspectors
For CTHS records & for publication we like to get GOOD photos.  Select a good spot outdoors where your horse can be photgraphed to best advantage. Be  very aware of backgrounds: a plain wall is good.  Avoid poles, bars, etc.  Again  your horse should have some experience to handle this.

For very  quiet horses or on very hot days a plastic bag or some other device will be useful to get the horse to look sharp with ears forward.

To sum up: the marks your horse gets will usually be with the horse for life.  They will be given based on what the inspectors see on that day. Choose the footing, surroundings & handler with care. Feel free to ask questions on inspection day as well as before.

The CTHS likes to keep track of performance records.  We also like to recognize outstanding performance each  year by making the following awards:

All Canada/U.S.A.:
-  CTHS annual awards
-  Young Competitor’s Award*
-  Hanna Schmocker Memorial Breeders’ Award

Manitoba only:
- Elke Otremba Memorial Award (Dressage)

Alberta Only:
- Hans Wulf Memorial Award (Dressage)

B.C. only:
- Eleonora Hydar Memorial Award*


-  CTHS registered or CTHS Appendix registered horses
-  owner is a CTHS member (most but not all awards)

-  send copy of Passport  to CTHS office at end of show season
-   be sure to include your name &  name, registration & passport # of      the horse

CTHS also sponsors halters, coolers or saddle pads at selected shows for the Hi-point  CTHS registered Trakehner.

* award consists of plaque & cheque